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CSX-110 Hazardous Area Control Unit - Alternator Powered (CE233)



The CSX-110 and CSX-111 Hazardous Area Control Units are used in the Series 110 and 111 Diesel Engine Shutdown Systems and are designed for ATEX Zone1, Group IIB, T4 hazardous area application. 

The CSX-110/111 Control units are used to monitor engine speed, temperatures and oil pressure. Should any one of these fall outside pre-set limits, power is withdrawn from the air intake shutoff valve solenoid causing the valve to close and shutting down the engine.

The CSX-110 & 111 Control Units and Systems can be installed and operated completely independently from other sys­tems on the engine and are particularly applicable where no battery or other electrical supply is avail­able. The CSX-110 Control Unit is used in applications where the engine as a single air intake line and air intake shutoff valve. The CSX-111 Control Unit is used in applications for engines with dual air intake lines and 2 air intake shutoff valves.

Both the CSX-110 and 111 Control Units have an auxiliary power output option. Additionally the CSX-110 can accept a shutdown signal from an external system such as a Yellow Alert or Gas Detection System.

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX Zone 1, Group IIB, T6 (EEx d [ia] IIB T6)
  • Meet the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements of MIL STD 461E Clauses RE102 and RS103
  • “Fail safe” design – power is withdrawn when limits are exceeded
  • Can use in shutdown systems that are independent of other control systems
  • Calibrate via a pushbutton application
  • Monitor up to 5 temperature and pressure switches
  • Designed for use with other Chalwyn flameproof products
    • SVX Flameproof Air Intake Shutoff Valves
    • ASX Flameproof Alternators
    • PSX Low Pressure Switches
    • TSX High Temperature Switches