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Electrical Switch Type Sensors

Electrical Switch Type Sensors

Chalwyn offers electrical sensors to provide complete electro automotive shut down control systems for engines operating in hazardous areas.


TSX-100 Low Temperature Switch (CE306)


Settings: 100°C ± 2.8°C

Leads: Permanently fitted “flying” leads 4m (12 ft) long, #18 AWg stranded uL 1015/CSA approved (PVC insulation).

Contacts: Fine silver

Body Material: Stainless steel


TSX-Exhaust High Temperature Sensor

TSX-200/-150/-135 High Temperature Sensors (CE304)


Standard Settings Part No.
200°C ± 5.6°C TSX-200   
150°C ± 5.6°C TSX-150   
135°C ± 4.4°C TSX-135   

Leads: Permanently fitted “flying” leads 4m long as follows:-

TSX-200; #18 stranded (Teflon, ceramic and glass composite
TSX-135 & TSX-150; # 18 stranded uL 1199/CSA approved (TFE
Contacts:  Silver
Body Material: Stainless steel


PSX-010 Pressure Sensor

PSX-010 Pressure Sensor (CE305)

Setting: Standard setting 10 psi falling ±1 psi. Alternative setting levels available by special order.

Leads: Permanently fitted stranded wire “flying” leads 4m long, #18 AWG UL style 1007/1569, CSA Type TR64 (PVC insulation)

Contacts: Gold

Body Material: Zinc plated steel