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Spark Arrestors

Diesel Engine exhaust spark arrestors are a basic but key safety feature for both hazardous area and lower risk diesel engine applications such as forestry or agriculture where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material. Virtually all legislation regarding the operation of a diesel engine in a hazardous area includes a mandatory requirement to fit a tested and approved exhaust spark arrestor.


SAS Small Engine Spark Arrestor (CE224)

Engine Power Rating: 1 to 4 KW 1 to 5 HP

Pipe Size:

10 to 34.9mm 3/4" to 1 3/8"
Mounting: End of exhaust line single stage spark arrestor
Construction: Carbon Steel, painted black
SSE Spark Arrestor

SSE End of Exhaust Spark Arrestor (CE224)

Hazardous Area: ATEX GC Certified to EN 1834-1/2/3:2000 Meets ASTM F2876-10


End of exhaust line
Engine Power Rating: 4 to 124 KW 5 to 165 HP
Pipe Sizes: 31.8 mm to 101.6 mm 1 1/4" to 4"

100% 316 Stainless Steel

Noise Attenuation: 8-10 dB(A) typical
Spark Arrestor Trio

SSL Spark Arrestor / Silencer (CE224)


Hazardous Area: ATEX GD Certified to EN 1834-1/2/3: 2000 Meets ASTM F2876-10
Silencing: Industrial standard permanent installation
Engine Power Rating: 8.0 to 559 kW 10 to 750 hp
Pipe Sizes: 31.8 mm to 203.2 mm 1 1/4" to 8"
Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
Noise Attenuation: 15 dB(A) typical